How To Get Magneto In Fortnite

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Unlocking Magneto: A Mutant Mastermind

One of the most iconic villains in the Marvel Universe, Magneto, makes his grand entrance onto the Fortnite scene in Chapter 5 Season 3, ushering in an era of Mutants within the desolate wasteland.

Waiting for the Release

Players eager to enjoy the power of Magneto will need to be patient as hwont be available in Fortnite until July. He's stated as the secret skin for Chapter 5 Season 3, hidden within the Battle Pass rewards.

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Patience Is Key

Unlocking Magneto won't be an instant gratification affair. Fortnite enthusiasts will have to wait for the release of Battle Pass Quests to commence their journey towards securing this formidable character.

Future Variants

Even if players miss out on acquiring Magneto as the Bonus Outfit during Chapter 5 Season 3, there's hope on the horizon. Fortnite's dynamic environment often introduces variant versions of popular characters, and Magneto is no exception.

Wastelander Magneto

This rendition of Magneto, aptly named Wastelander Magneto, is tailored to fit the gritty aesthetic of the Wrecked season. With a rugged appearance that befits the harsh environment, he promises to be a formidable presence on the battlefield.

Additional Features

Wastelander Magneto brings more than just his imposing presence to the fray. Alongside his battle-ready demeanor, he comes with a LEGO Style suited for LEGO Fortnite aficionados. Moreover, players can customize his appearance by removing his helmet and adding a faceplate.

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The Appeal of Magneto

As the enigmatic leader of the Brotherhood of Mutants and the Master of Magnetism, Magneto's inclusion in Fortnite's Battle Pass adds an exciting dimension to the ongoing Fallout x Marvel collaboration.

Fan Excitement

The announcement of Magneto's arrival has ignited a wave of excitement among Fortnite's player base. With a legion of fans standing firmly behind this iconic X-Men character, his debut is eagerly anticipated.

X-Men '97 Hype

The recent resurgence of interest in the X-Men franchise, particularly with the announcement of X-Men '97, has further fueled the anticipation surrounding Magneto's introduction to Fortnite.

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While the wait for Wastelander Magneto may test the patience of eager players, the promise of his arrival brings with it a wealth of excitement. From his distinctive appearance to his customizable features, Magneto is set to leave an indelible mark on the Fortnite universe.

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