How to Get Cork in Fallout 76

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Cork is a valuable resource in Fallout 76, used in various modifications, making it essential for crafting and upgrading items such as armour, weapon mods, and camp decorations. Knowing how to get Cork in Fallout 76 efficiently can significantly enhance your gameplay experience. This guide will show you the best ways to find and farm Cork in the wasteland.

Where to Find Cork in Fallout 76

Cork can only be obtained by scrapping specific junk items in Fallout 76. These items include baseballs, cigar boxes, antique globes, and golf balls. Here are the details on where to find these items:


Baseballs are one of the most reliable sources of Cork. You can find them in athletic fields, gymnasium locker rooms, and near baseball bats. Athletic fields often have a decent supply of baseballs lying around, so make sure to check these areas thoroughly.

Golf Balls

Golf balls are also relatively easy to find and are another good source of Cork. Visit golf courses and open grounds to discover golf balls lying around in buckets or scattered on the ground. Areas with golf-themed decorations often have a higher density of golf balls.

Cigar Boxes

Cigar boxes are commonly located in high-end houses, offices, and storage units. These items can be found in places that signify wealth or luxury. When exploring, keep an eye out for offices or buildings that look upscale, as they often house cigar boxes.

Antique Globes

Antique globes can be found in suburban areas, houses, and offices. These are great sources of Cork and are often located in living rooms, study areas, or offices within suburban homes. Looting these areas can help you gather antique globes quickly.

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Efficient Cork Farming Strategies

If you're planning a Cork farming spree, there are several ways to boost your chances of significantly increasing your Cork inventory in the wastelands. Here are some tips on how to get Cork in Fallout 76 more efficiently:

Invest in the Scrapper Perk

To farm Cork efficiently, invest in the Scrapper perk. This perk allows your character to obtain more components from scrapping items, meaning you'll get more Cork from each item you scrap. This perk is particularly useful when you plan to farm a large number of items in one go.

Revisit High-Yield Locations

Make sure to revisit high-yield locations such as Sugar Grove and Camden Park during your sessions. These areas often have a higher density of junk items that can be scrapped for Cork. By focusing on these locations, you can maximize your Cork farming efficiency.

Use Workstations to Scrap Items

Always use workstations to scrap your items. This ensures that you get the most out of your junk and can easily convert it into valuable crafting materials like Cork. Workstations can be found in various settlements and are also available at your camp.

Keep an Eye Out for High-End Locations

High-end houses and offices are prime locations for finding cigar boxes and antique globes. By focusing on looting these types of buildings, you can accumulate a substantial amount of Cork quickly.

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Cork is an essential resource in Fallout 76, and knowing how to get Cork in Fallout 76 can greatly improve your crafting and upgrading capabilities. By focusing on scrapping baseballs, golf balls, cigar boxes, and antique globes, and by employing efficient farming strategies, you can ensure a steady supply of Cork for all your needs. Happy scavenging!

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