How to Break Glass Guide For Animal Well

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Animal Well is an engaging puzzle-platformer created by solo developer Billy Basso. This highly-rated game on Metacritic, averaging 91%, invites players to explore a dark world filled with hostile creatures. This guide will explain how to break glass in Animal Well.

Identifying Glass Blocks

Types of Glass in Animal Well

In Animal Well, you will encounter glass blocks throughout your adventure. Most glass blocks are indestructible, serving as windows to other rooms or decorative elements. However, some glass blocks can be broken, crucial for progressing in the game.

Breakable Glass Blocks

The breakable glass tiles in Animal Well are identifiable by their unique appearance. Unlike regular glass blocks, they do not have a line in the middle but are marked with dots. These tiles are rare and are typically found near the end of the game.

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How to Break Glass

Encountering the Final Boss

To break the glass blocks, you need to engage with the final boss, Manticore. This opponent has the capability to destroy glass using its laser attacks.

Strategy to Break Glass

When battling Manticore, navigate the boss towards the right while climbing up whenever possible. You will encounter a peculiar glass wall that is crucial to break. Lure Manticore to this surface and wait for it to attack, which will shatter the barrier.

Achieving the True Ending

Behind this glass wall lies a hidden passage that allows you to achieve the true ending of the game. This makes breaking the glass a vital part of completing Animal Well.

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Additional Tips

Facing Manticore Again

If you fail to break the glass during your first encounter with Manticore, you will need to face the boss again. Ensure you lead Manticore to the necessary glass walls to break them and progress in the game.

No Alternative Methods

Currently, there are no other methods to break glass in Animal Well. The key to breaking glass lies solely in utilizing Manticore’s laser attacks during your battle.


Understanding how to break glass in Animal Well is essential for progressing through the game and unlocking the true ending. Remember to identify breakable glass blocks and use the final boss, Manticore, to shatter these barriers. With this guide, you’ll be well-equipped to navigate the challenges and secrets of Animal Well.

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