How to Beat and Catch Blazamut Ryu in Palworld

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Blazamut Ryu in Palworld is one of the most challenging encounters. This guide will cover how to beat Blazamut Ryu in Palworld and how to catch Blazamut Ryu in Palworld.

Blazamut Ryu Palworld Guide

Blazamut Ryu is a Fire and Dragon-type pal. It boasts over 512,000 HP and powerful attacks. Players must be well-prepared to defeat it.

Blazamut Ryu Battle Tips in Palworld

  1. Weapons and Ammo:
    • Use an Assault Rifle for long-distance damage. Bring 1000 assault rifle ammo.
    • Equip a Rocket Launcher for additional firepower. Carry 100 rocket launcher ammo.
  2. Armor and Support:
    • Use a Hyper Shield for maximum protection.
    • Bring pals like Suzaku Aqua, Azurobe, and Kelpsea for their water-type attacks and support abilities.

Palworld Blazamut Ryu Location

To find Blazamut Ryu, collect fragments in the Sakurajima region's dungeons. These dungeons are challenging, with a level suggestion of 53.

Best Strategy to Beat Blazamut Ryu in Palworld

  1. Maintain Distance:
    • Keep your distance and use long-range weapons to chip away at Blazamut Ryu’s HP.
  2. Use Water-Type Pals:
    • Water-type pals are effective due to Blazamut Ryu’s weakness to water.
  3. Watch for Attack Patterns:
    • Blazamut Ryu’s attacks build up over time. Watch for warnings of where they will land.

Blazamut Ryu Palworld Tips and Tricks

  1. Preparation:
    • Use a secondary base with no objects to avoid destruction.
  2. Exploiting Rest Periods:
    • After taking damage, Blazamut Ryu rests. Use this time to deal more damage.

How to Catch Blazamut Ryu in Palworld

After defeating Blazamut Ryu, players receive a Huge Dragon Egg. This egg hatches Blazamut Ryu, making it the only way to obtain this powerful pal. The fragments required to summon Blazamut Ryu are not guaranteed drops. Players must repeatedly clear dungeons to gather the needed fragments. Craft four Blazamut Ryu fragments into a Blazamut Ryu Slab. Use a Summoning Altar to summon Blazamut Ryu inside a base.

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