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In the latest patch for Helldivers 2, players are up in arms over changes that seem to have made bullet ricochets more dangerous. Helldivers 2 players frustrated by ricochet changes to patch 01.000.300 bringing several adjustments, but it's the altered ricochet mechanics that have some players fuming.

Accidental deaths from your own bullets bouncing back have left many frustrated and wondering if it's a bug or an intentional tweak gone wrong. Arrowhead Game Studios has clarified the new ricochet behavior is working as intended, but some weapons like the R-36 Eruptor may not be interacting properly.

Overview of Helldivers 2 Patch 01.000.300 Changes

adjustments to Burning Damage

Patch 01.000.300 implemented ricochet mechanics for most ballistic weapons to increase realism. However, players claim that bullets can now reflect in unpredictable ways, occasionally causing injury or death to teammates or the player.

The tight corridors and cramped environments in Helldivers 2 mean some missions exacerbate this issue. While realism is admirable, gameplay should not be disrupted or player progression hindered by overly sensitive ricochet calculations.

Weapon Re-balancing

Several weapons received adjustments in the patch to improve balance and viability. The R-36 Eruptor, a flamethrower, had its range and ammo capacity decreased by 20% due to the weapon's dominance in close quarters combat.

The PA-93 Exterminator, a shotgun, had its pellet damage increased by 15% to make it a more viable choice. The Tanto, a pistol, had its damage increased by 10% to improve its effectiveness in Helldivers 2.

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Improvements to Mission Types

New optional objectives were added to defend and escort missions to provide bonus rewards upon completion. Additional cover was added to multiple maps to provide more tactical options during firefights. Spawn points were adjusted on a few maps to prevent players from becoming trapped after respawning.

While Patch 01.000.300 aimed to improve the overall experience, some players argue the ricochet changes have made certain weapons like the R-36 Eruptor too difficult to use effectively, especially in close quarters.

The developers clarified these changes were intentional but are investigating reports of unintended ricochet behaviour. Additional patches in Helldivers 2 will likely address player feedback and make further balance changes to provide an enjoyable experience for all players.

Calls for Optional Ricochet Toggle

Some players suggested adding an option to toggle ricochet mechanics on or off. This could allow players to enable or disable ricochet as desired for different playstyles, missions, or weapons.

An optional toggle may resolve issues for players frustrated with the current ricochet mechanics while still preserving the added realism for those who wish to keep it enabled. Arrowhead has not yet commented on adding a ricochet toggle but may consider player feedback for future updates.

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