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Helldivers 2 has just unleashed two devastating new Stratagems to help us take down those Automatons: the LAS-99 Quasar Cannon and the MG-101 Heavy Machine Gun!

These bad boys are gonna come in super clutch when the going gets tough. Stratagems are so key in Helldivers 2 - you gotta use them smart and support your squad if you want to succeed. Whether it's laying down some suppression fire or blasting enemies from orbit, Stratagems can turn the tides.

I'm always impressed how Arrowhead Game Studios keeps everything balanced. They're constantly adding fresh Stratagems but never let any get too overpowered. Gotta hand it to them for maintaining that delicate equilibrium.

With the Quasar Cannon and Heavy Machine Gun in our arsenal now, I like our chances even more! Bring on the next mission - I'm ready to rock some Automaton faces!

With these new Stratagems at our disposal, Helldivers are sure to make some serious headway against the Automatons in the coming battles. The Quasar Cannon and Heavy Machine Gun offer the perfect blend of long and short range firepower that we've been needing.

Maximizing the New Stratagems

LAS-99 Quasar Cannon

The Quasar Cannon's orbital bombardment will decimate clusters of Automatons, clearing out large areas and providing cover for our ground troops to advance.

When using this Stratagem:

  • Target dense concentrations of enemies
  • Coordinate fire support with other squad members
  • Watch out for allies in the impact zone!

MG-101 Heavy Machine Gun

This heavy machine gun will lay down a withering hail of bullets against Automaton forces.

When deploying the MG-101:

  • Aim for enemy clusters and high-priority targets
  • Provide suppressive fire to allow squads to maneuver
  • Conserve ammunition - fire in short, controlled bursts

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With proper coordination and teamwork, these new Stratagems will be devastating additions to our arsenal against the Automaton menace. Let's show them what Helldivers are made of!

With these devastating new heavy weapons now at our disposal, we'll need to employ smart tactics and teamwork more than ever to make the most of their potential. I recommend the following approach:

When engaging dense clusters of Automatons:

  • Have one or two Helldivers activate the Quasar Cannon Stratagem to bombard the main group, destroying many enemies at once.
  • As the Automatons scatter, other Helldivers should activate the Heavy Machine Gun to lay down suppressive fire and mow down any stragglers.
  • Remaining Helldivers can then move in for clean-up, targeting any survivors or high-priority targets.

Against more spread out Automaton forces:

  • The Heavy Machine Gun can provide long-range fire to pick off enemies and damage structures from a safe distance.
  • Once close enough, switch to the Quasar Cannon to soften up clusters before engaging them directly.

By coordinating our use of these powerful new Stratagems and combining them with our skills and other weapons, we can push back the Automaton menace more effectively than ever. Our victories will rely not just on technology, but on our ability as a team to adapt and overcome. Let's show the Automatons what we're made of, Helldiver!

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With these deadly new Stratagems now in our arsenal, we Helldivers will push the Automaton hordes back further than ever. But we'll need to work together like never before to maximize the impact of the Quasar Cannon and Heavy Machine Gun. Let's coordinate our efforts and tactics to devastating effect:

Working together as a team

  • Clearly communicate your plans and positions to your squad
  • Watch each other's backs and provide covering fire when needed
  • Coordinate your heavy weapon usage to multiply their effects
  • Praise your squadmates' efforts and successes to boost morale

By working as one unit and utilizing our new Stratagems smartly, we'll make breakthroughs on the front lines that seemed impossible before. Our victory over the Automaton forces depends not on technology alone, but on our ability as a team to strategize, communicate and support one another.

I have full confidence that, with careful coordination and respect for each other's contributions, we Helldivers will overcome any challenge and push back the darkness threatening our world. Let's go forth with determination, grace and good cheer - we will succeed!

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Arrowhead Game Studios

Arrowhead Game Studios really knows how to keep their fans happy with regular updates. Their last patch was AMAZING - it totally fixed all those pesky freezing problems with the Arc weapons. Now we can blast aliens with them to our heart's content! These devs are the best, always giving us new stuff to play with. Even if you only hop on Helldivers 2 every couple days, there's guaranteed to be some new content or tweaks waiting for you. And have you seen how many people are still playing? The player count remains huge after launch! Arrowhead really hooked us with this one. I can't wait to see what else they come up with - Helldivers 2 is easily one of the best games around, and these regular updates just make it even better. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK ARROWHEAD!

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