Helldivers 2 Leak Reveals A New Enemy

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The Helldivers 2 rumor mill has been going crazy this past week and the latest Helldivers 2 leak reveals a new enemy, the Bile Charger, a mix between a Bile Titan and a standard Charger. Several other Helldivers 2 leaks have emerged, teasing new and returning enemies. It's been speculated that Impalers and the Illuminate faction from the first game will also return.

The Bile Charger: Features and Abilities

Helldivers 2 introduces a variety of enemies with unique attacks and defenses. The Bile Charger, a new Terminid enemy, is a four-legged bug with an abdomen filled with acidic liquid. It resembles Helldivers 2's standard charger, with its head covered under armored skin. As a fusion of two bugs, the Bile Charger has versatile skills. It causes an acid explosion upon death, dealing AoE damage.

Combat Strategies Against the Bile Charger

Information about its skills is limited. However, Helldivers 2 players can expect this bug to be heavily armored, spawn more often than Bile Titans, and have a charge attack dealing significant damage. Its armor will likely nullify damage from regular bullets, so players must use specific stratagems like the Expendable Anti-Tank or Recoilless Rifle.

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The Terminid Faction and Other Enemies

The Bile Charger is part of Helldivers 2's Terminid faction, which includes giant bug-like creatures. This faction is one of the two main factions players must defeat to save planets. Terminid enemies utilize unique attacks, such as shooting acid at players from a distance or going invisible to get close.

Illuminate Faction Speculations

In addition to the Bile Charger, Helldivers 2 will reportedly introduce the Illuminate faction. These aquatic creatures with long arms and legs may have abilities and tech different from the first game. They will use various weapons, including axes and staves, to perform unique attacks. Currently, there is no information about the Illuminate's release date.


Helldivers 2 continues to expand its universe with new and challenging enemies. The Bile Charger stands out with its fusion of Bile Titan and Charger traits, promising versatile skills and deadly acid explosions. Players must adapt their strategies to combat this heavily armored threat effectively.

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