GTA+ Subscribers Gain Access to Bully and LA Noire

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GTA+ Subscribers Get Bully and LA Noire Later This Year

Access to Two Rockstar Classics

As part of their subscription, GTA+ members will receive access to two classic Rockstar titles later this year: Bully: Scholarship Edition and L.A. Noire. Originally released in 2006, Bully follows mischievous 15-year-old Jimmy Hopkins as he navigates life at the fictional Bullworth Academy prep school. L.A. Noire, released in 2011, is set in 1940s Los Angeles and casts players as Cole Phelps, a police officer working his way through the ranks of the LAPD.

Lots of Content to Explore

Between Bully’s open world boarding school and L.A. Noire’s painstaking recreation of post-war L.A., GTA+ subscribers will have plenty of content to dive into. Both games feature memorable characters and stories, as well as many hours of gameplay in their single-player campaigns and additional content. Access to these classics is just one more benefit of the GTA+ membership, in addition to bonuses and perks in GTA Online like free properties, vehicles, and in-game currency.

More Updates Coming

The announcements of Bully and L.A. Noire coming to GTA+ is just the latest in a series of updates about new content and benefits coming to the subscription service. Rockstar recently teased that a "big" update is coming to GTA Online this summer, though no further details have been revealed yet. With continued support and new additions like these classic titles, GTA+ looks to provide a lot of value for subscribers. More announcements about the service and related content updates are likely still to come.

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GTA+ members will be able to play both titles on current PlayStation and Xbox platforms as part of the standard membership at no additional cost. The specific release dates for each game on the service have not yet been announced but are expected in the coming months. GTA+ is available for purchase in-game for $5.99 per month.

The inclusion of Bully and L.A. Noire builds upon Rockstar's recent efforts to revive classic properties. With remasters of the original Grand Theft Auto trilogy and Red Dead Redemption also announced, Rockstar appears focused on celebrating its prestigious back catalog of titles. For fans of Rockstar's signature open world experiences, the next few months will be an exciting time.

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Big GTA Online Update Coming This Summer Ahead of GTA 6 Release

New Content and Features

This summer, Rockstar Games will release a substantial update for GTA Online, the popular multiplayer component of Grand Theft Auto V. According to Rockstar, the update will be the “biggest ever” for GTA Online. Although Rockstar did not specify the exact content and features that will be included, the update will likely add new gameplay modes, vehicles, weapons, and other in-game items to keep players engaged until the release of the highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto VI.

Maintaining Player Interest

By providing ongoing updates to GTA Online, Rockstar aims to maintain player interest in the game as fans await the next entry in the series. Despite releasing in 2013, GTA V and GTA Online remain immensely popular thanks in large part to Rockstar’s consistent updates and content additions. While little is known about GTA 6 at this point, keeping GTA Online fresh and exciting will help sustain the franchise’s momentum leading up to the next game’s launch.

Building Anticipation for GTA 6

Although Rockstar did not mention GTA 6 in their announcement, the timing of such a substantial GTA Online update may indicate that GTA 6 is still a ways off. By dropping big updates for GTA Online, Rockstar can satiate players’ appetite for new GTA content without needing to announce or release GTA 6 prematurely. Each update also gives Rockstar an opportunity to build hype and anticipation for the eventual release of GTA 6 through hints, teasers, and easter eggs within the new content. For patient fans, these updates make the long wait for GTA 6 more bearable.

In summary, Rockstar’s major update for GTA Online this summer aims to keep players engaged with GTA V, build anticipation for GTA 6, and buy more time as Rockstar continues developing the next installment in the Grand Theft Auto series. Although little is known about GTA 6 at this point, GTA Online’s continued success highlights the franchise’s enduring popularity and the eagerness of fans for new content.

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