New Weapons In Fortnite Chapter 5

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With the new update on the way, we decided to have a look at the latest New Weapons In Fortnite Chapter 5 and they wont disappoint you.

New Exotic Weapons in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2

The Boom Sniper Rifle

This new exotic sniper packs some serious firepower. It fires explosive rounds that deal damage over a wide area. Anyone caught in the blast radius is going to have a bad day. The recoil takes some getting used to but once you master this beast of a gun, you’ll be racking up eliminations in no time!

The Shadow Tracker

This sneaky little exotic submachine gun marks enemies when you hit them, allowing you to see their location through walls for a short time. Pop off a few shots at an enemy, then chase them down and finish them off before the marking effect wears off. The Shadow Tracker is great for aggressive players who love to hunt down their opponents.

The Hop Rock Dualies

These exotic dual pistols give you a boost of low gravity and increased jump height when you aim down sights, allowing you to hop and skip all over the place. The zero-gravity effect only lasts a few seconds but can really throw off enemy aim and allow you to access hard to reach places. The Hop Rock Dualies are wacky, fun and versatile - a perfect fit for Fortnite!

With exotic weapons this overpowered, Chapter 5 Season 2 is set to be one of the most action-packed seasons yet. Drop in, gear up and experience the new weapons for yourself. The future of Fortnite is looking very bright indeed!

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Returning Vaulted Weapons Making a Comeback

The new season is bringing back some old favorites from the vault! Get pumped, because three of the most popular weapons are making their triumphant return & some exciting new ones too! In case you missed the start of Chapter 5 Season 2, check out this article to help you along the way.

The Tactical Assault Rifle

The Tac AR is back, baby! This versatile weapon is perfect for mid-range combat. With its high rate of fire and 30-round magazine, the Tac AR melts enemies in seconds. Time to dust off your favorite skin - the Tac AR is about to dominate the battlefield again!

Grenade Launcher

Ka-boom! The Grenade Launcher explodes back onto the scene, ready to blast your foes into oblivion. Rain down rockets on your enemies and flatten entire squads with this demolitions expert. The Grenade Launcher is the perfect tool for creating chaos and crushing the competition.

Suppressed Pistol

Silently take down your targets with the Suppressed Pistol. This stealthy sidearm is returning from the vault to help you pull off secret assassinations and undercover ops. With a built-in silencer, the Suppressed Pistol allows you to sneak attack enemies without drawing attention. The Suppressed Pistol is a must-have for any covert mission.

The fan favorites are back and better than ever before. Victory will be that much sweeter with these vaulted weapons by your side once more! Gear up and get ready to dominate the battlefield - the competition won't know what hit them!

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Top 5 Must-Have Weapons for Victory Royales in Chapter 5

The loot pool in Fortnite Chapter 5 is packed with powerful new weapons that will give you a leg up on your opponents. Here are the top five you need to grab for those sweet Victory Royales!

1.Thunderbolt of Zeus

Featured in this season's divine collection is Zeus's Thunderbolt, a fresh armament reminiscent of the arsenal wielded in anime classics. Ascend to great heights before unleashing divine punishment upon your foes below, akin to the wrath of the heavens. With three charges at your disposal and a brief cooldown period, strategic timing is key to wield this weapon effectively throughout the match. We owe our gratitude to Zeus for this gift that adds depth to the gameplay experience.

2.Warforged Assault Rifle

Every season brings a fresh batch of content, and what's a new season without a brand-new AR? The go-to weapon for many players across all seasons, this assault rifle packs a punch with its high damage and rate of fire. However, its recoil requires some skill to manage effectively. For those seeking the ultimate version, take on Ares to acquire the Mythic variant.

3.Huntress DMR

A top pick this season for players seeking the versatility of an assault rifle combined with the precision of a sniper is the Huntress DMR. Drawing inspiration from Artemis, a prominent character in this season's battle pass, this weapon offers exceptional range and accuracy. The Mythic variant can be acquired by triumphing over Zeus in battle.

zeus thunderbolt

4.Gatekeeper Shotgun

The Gatekeeper shotgun excels in close-quarters combat, designed for rapid engagements where swift action is essential. With the ability to unleash three consecutive rounds before requiring a reload, it promises intense firepower when every moment counts. While its slow reload may deter some, skilled players who can capitalize on the initial burst of shots will find it a formidable choice.

5.Wings of Icarus

Embark on a journey in Myths and Monsters with the Wings of Icarus, a Mythic-tier traversal tool. These wings grant you the ability to soar through the heavens and perform daring divebomb attacks on foes. However, be cautious, as prolonged flight will cause your wings to weaken and eventually disintegrate. And if you happen to reach great heights before that, brace yourself for a potentially fatal crash landing. In essence, heed the age-old advice: "Don't fly too close to the sun, kid."

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