Fortnite Festival Get Your Guitar

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Get Ready to Rock Out at the Fortnite Fest!

Gear Up

Are you ready to shred? The Fortnite Fest is going to be epic, so make sure you have the essential gear. Preorder the new PS5 and Xbox Series X guitar controllers to play along with your favorite Fortnite tracks. With different colors to choose from, you'll be rocking out in style.

Learn the Setlist

Memorize the setlist ahead of time so you can jam along to every song without missing a beat. All your Fortnite favorites will be included, like the “Default Dance,” “Ride the Pony,” and “Orange Justice.” The festival set will also debut lots of new songs coming with the next Fortnite update.

Show Off Your Skills

Once the concert starts, don't be shy—show off the moves you've been practicing for months! Whether you're dancing, moshing, or shredding a wicked guitar solo, the Fortnite Fest is all about the fans. Capture your sickest moments using the in-game replay tools and share with friends. Who knows, you might end up featured in the Fortnite highlight reel!

An Unforgettable Experience

Between the music, activities, exclusive merch, and partying with friends, the Fortnite Fest is going to be an unforgettable experience for any fan. Let loose, go wild, and make memories that will last until next year's festival. The Fortnite Fest only comes around once a season, so take advantage of every minute!

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Preorder Your PS5 and Xbox Guitar Controllers Today

Rock out like never before!

The all-new PS5 and Xbox guitar controllers are going to take your Fortnite experience to a whole new level. With specialized fret buttons, strum bars and whammy bars modeled after real guitars, you'll be shredding through songs in no time. Preorder yours now and be one of the first to get these amazing controllers in your hands!

Customize your look

Choose from multiple color options to match your personal style. The PS5 guitar comes in a bold red and sleek black, while the Xbox guitar comes in electric blue and neon green. With interchangeable faceplates, you can switch up the look whenever you want.

Realistic gameplay

These controllers provide an incredibly realistic experience. The multi-touch fretboard senses the position and pressure of your fingers, just like a real guitar. The strum bar and whammy bar allow you to strum and bend notes with precision. With different difficulty levels, both beginners and experienced players can enjoy the game.

Rock on at the Fortnite Festival

The Fortnite Festival is the perfect place to show off your new skills! Play along to all your favorite songs and compete to climb the leaderboards. With amazing graphics and a huge set list of hit songs, this is an event you won't want to miss. Preorder your PS5 or Xbox guitar controller now for the best experience at the Fortnite Festival. It's going to rock!

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FAQ: Answering Your Questions on the Fortnite Fest Guitar Controllers

Are you as excited as we are for the Fortnite Festival and wondering about the new PS5 and Xbox guitar controllers? We’ve got you covered with answers to all your questions so you can rock out in style.

When can I preorder the Fortnite guitar controllers?

Great news—preorders for the limited-edition Fortnite guitar controllers are open now on Amazon! They’re going fast, so grab yours today before they sell out. The PS5 guitar controller ships October 1st and the Xbox version on October 15th, just in time for the Fortnite Festival.

How much do the Fortnite guitar controllers cost?

The PS5 and Xbox Fortnite guitar controllers are affordably priced at $69.99 each. For super fans, a special edition “Legendary Loot Bundle” includes both controllers for $129.99, saving you $10. That’s a steal for official Fortnite merch that will be a collector’s item!

What songs can I play with the Fortnite guitar controllers?

The Fortnite guitar controllers unlock access to dozens of in-game emotes and songs from your favorite artists like Travis Scott, Ariana Grande and others. Plus, you'll get exclusive access to new songs debuting at the Fortnite Festival that can only be played using the guitar controllers. Shred to songs from Migos, deadmau5, Steve Aoki and more. The set list is epic!

Rock on, Fortnite fans! With these guitar controllers, the Fortnite Festival is going to be an unforgettable experience. Let me know if you have any other ques

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