Enshrouded 2024 Roadmap

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Enshrouded's Roadmap Reveals Long-Awaited Features

New Quests and Missions

Enshrouded will release six new quest lines in 2024, including two main story quests continuing the game’s central narrative. The current amount of players logging into Enshrouded is over 2 million so these Players can look forward to over 50 hours of new quest content, as well as additional side quests and daily missions.

Improved Crafting System

The crafting system is getting a major overhaul, allowing players to craft a wider range of items with additional customization options. Rare crafting materials can now be found through questing and harvesting. Players will be able to trade and sell crafted items, adding an economic element to the system.

New PvP Mode

A new player-versus-player battleground mode is coming, set in a sprawling underground arena. Players can compete solo or in teams, with matchmaking available for different skill levels. Seasonal leaderboards and unique PvP rewards will give players an incentive to master their skills and strategies.

Additional Features

Many other features are also on the roadmap, including:

  • An upgraded player housing system with more customization
  • New mounts, pets, and companions to collect
  • Improved character creation with additional races and customization options
  • New zones to explore, including lush forests, snowy mountains, and desert landscapes
  • Quality of life improvements like an updated UI, inventory sorting, and a mentor system

With this roadmap, Enshrouded is delivering features that dedicated players have long been requesting. The future looks bright for this immersive online world.

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Top 5 Most Exciting Upcoming Additions for Enshrouded

Revamped Character Creation System

Enshrouded will introduce a completely rebuilt character creation system, allowing players unprecedented control over their avatar's appearance and backstory. With additional sliders and modifiers, as well as a wider array of base models, players will have nearly limitless customization options to craft a unique hero.

Dynamic Weather Effects

The open world of Enshrouded will come alive with the addition of dynamic weather effects like rain, snow, and lightning storms. Weather effects will influence environment factors like visibility, terrain conditions, and mob behaviors. Players must adapt strategies and gear to overcome the challenges posed by the ever-changing weather.

Expanded Mount System

Players have long awaited the ability to acquire and customize mounts beyond the basic options currently available. The expanded mount system will introduce rare and unique mounts with enhanced speed and stamina, as well as more mount gear and mods to boost mount stats. Mounts will become a more integral part of transportation and even combat.

Redesigned Guild System

The guild system redesign aims to strengthen the social connections between players. New guild ranks, achievements, and events will give guild members opportunities to work together towards collective rewards. An improved guild chat interface and guild base building options will provide more ways for guildmates to interact and collaborate.

Additional PvE Raids and Dungeons

No roadmap would be complete without new challenges for PvE players. The 2024 roadmap promises multiple high-level raids, each with its own slate of formidable bosses and coveted loot. For casual players, the roadmap also includes several new dungeons of varying difficulty levels. With these additions, players at all levels of progression will have fresh PvE content to master.


What Players Can Expect From Enshrouded in 2024

Major Milestones and Events

Over the next two years, Enshrouded will roll out several highly anticipated updates, starting with the launch of Season 2 in early 2024. This update will introduce a new region to explore, advanced character progression, and a revamped PvP system. Players can also look forward to two expansions in 2024 that will each unlock additional areas, quests, loot, and endgame activities.

Quality of Life Improvements

Enshrouded aims to streamline tedious tasks and enhance the overall player experience. Planned quality of life features include an improved crafting interface, account-wide mount collection, and reduced travel times within older zones. The developers are also rebalancing combat and rewards to make leveling alternate characters more engaging.

Reimagined Classic Content

Enshrouded will breathe new life into beloved but outdated parts of the game. Several early zones are being completely rebuilt with current technology and design philosophies. Iconic dungeons from past expansions are being revamped as “mythic+” challenges with new mechanics, affixes, and cosmetic rewards. Even old raids are being tweaked and retuned to provide a proper challenge for max-level players.

PvP Updates

On the PvP front, players can anticipate a new arena, major class balance changes, and the introduction of “warfronts” - large scale battlegrounds where teams compete to control strategic points. The prestige system is also slated for an overhaul to provide more compelling rewards and incentives for PvP participation.

Overall, the next two years promise to be an exciting time for Enshrouded players. The 2024 roadmap is packed with features, updates, and content that should keep the community engaged for many months to come. While the timeline may change, the developers appear fully committed to delivering an exceptional experience for both new and veteran players.

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