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Solar Eclipse Event Comes to Call of Duty: Warzone

To experience the wonder of a total solar eclipse without having to travel, Call of Duty: Warzone players can witness this celestial event in-game on Rebirth Island. On April 8th, operators drop into Rebirth Island at the precise moment the sun and moon align to cast the island into darkness.

Shadow envelops the landscape

As the moon passes in front of the sun, shadow swiftly envelops the landscape. The daylight fades into an eerie twilight. For a fleeting moment, the dazzling solar corona becomes visible around the dark silhouette of the moon. Awe-inspiring colors dance across the sky. The eclipse lasts under two minutes in real-time, after which daylight returns and the spectacle comes to an end.

Watch the Progression of the Eclipse

Continue watching the sky for the next few minutes as the moon fully blocks out the sun, causing a total solar eclipse. This is the peak of the event, where the sky will darken and the halo effect known as the ‘diamond ring’ may be visible.

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Tips for Surviving the Eclipse on Rebirth Island

Choose Your Landing Spot Wisely

When the eclipse occurs, visibility will be low and it may be difficult to spot enemies. Select a landing spot away from high-traffic areas and popular locations that usually attract opponents. A secluded area on the outskirts of the map or near the boundaries may provide an advantage, as most players will likely drop into the interior parts of the island.

Proceed with Caution

Exercise caution and move carefully during the eclipse. The low light conditions provide cover, but also make it more likely to stumble upon enemies unexpectedly. Crouch walk or go prone when possible, pay close attention to your surroundings, and pause frequently to listen for enemy movement or gunfire. Avoid sprinting unless absolutely necessary, as this drastically reduces your awareness and makes you an easy target.

Utilize Equipment for Night Vision

Certain equipment like night vision goggles or thermal optics can help offset the visibility disadvantage during an eclipse. If possible, obtain air drop supply crates that may contain this gear before the eclipse begins. Night vision goggles amplify ambient light to improve sight in dark areas, while thermal optics detect heat signatures to spot enemies. Either option provides a tactical edge when visibility is compromised.

Find Shelter and Defend

Another strategy is to find shelter, barricade yourself inside, and defend that position. An attic, rooftop, or room without windows are good options. Place proximity mines, claymores, or C4 around the entryways to damage or eliminate opponents who try to infiltrate your shelter. The eclipse will eventually pass, so defending a secure shelter can help ensure your survival until conditions improve and you can continue the match with an advantage.

The eclipse event introduces an interesting twist to matches on Rebirth Island. Employing smart strategies and tactics during this time can help turn the visibility disadvantage into an opportunity for victory. With the right approach, you'll be surviving the solar eclipse and outlasting your opponents.

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