Activision Confirms Legitimacy of Recent Ban Wave for Cheating

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Activision Stands by Decision to Ban Cheaters

Activision has confirmed that their recent ban wave targeting players using cheating software was legitimate and justified. Thousands of players were banned from Activision games like Call of Duty: Warzone after the company detected unauthorized third-party software.

Anti-Cheat Measures Implemented

Activision has invested heavily in anti-cheat systems and software to detect when players are using cheating tools like aimbots, wallhacks, and other hacks. Their systems analyze gameplay metrics, statistics, and other data points to identify players who demonstrate impossible accuracy, vision, or other enhanced abilities. When cheating is detected, Activision issues permanent bans to those accounts.

Policy Clearly States Cheating Will Not Be Tolerated

Activision's terms of service and security & enforcement policy clearly prohibit the use of unauthorized third-party software and cheating tools. Players who ignore these policies and use cheats and hacks to gain an unfair advantage face account bans, suspensions, and other enforcement actions. Activision regularly monitors gameplay and systems to detect policy violations of this nature.

Ban Wave Targeted Egregious Offenders

While false positives are always a possibility, Activision has stated that the players banned recently were egregious offenders detected using clear and obvious cheating software. The anti-cheat systems have a high degree of confidence in the bans issued.

Activision will not overturn these bans or issue refunds, as per their policies. Players should avoid using any unauthorized tools or software to prevent risking their accounts.

In summary, Activision is dedicated to maintaining fair play and an enjoyable experience for legitimate players. Their ban of players using cheating tools was warranted and will help ensure a level playing field for the community. Players should be on notice that cheating and hacking will not be tolerated.

Breakdown of the Recent Ban Wave Targeting Cheaters

Activision recently issued a ban wave targeting players found to be cheating in Call of Duty: Warzone and other Call of Duty titles. According to an official statement, the security team monitored player data and analytics to identify players demonstrating clear patterns of cheating behavior. Once identified, the accounts in question were permanently banned.

Use of Unauthorized Software

The primary reason for the bans was the use of unauthorized third-party software, such as aimbots, wallhacks, and other mods that provide an unfair advantage. These programs allow players to automatically aim at opponents, see through walls, and manipulate gameplay in ways unintended by the developers.

Account Sharing

Another reason for bans was account sharing between players. The terms of service for Call of Duty strictly forbid sharing account access with other players. Account sharing allows players to manipulate rankings and stats, as well as avoid penalties and bans. Multiple players using the same account can make it difficult for Activision to take action against cheaters.

Repeat Offenders

Some of the banned accounts were found to belong to repeat offenders - players who had previously been banned for cheating behavior. After reviewing player data, the security team determined these individuals continued to cheat after their initial bans. Repeat offenders demonstrate an ongoing disregard for the terms of service and fair play, warranting a permanent ban.

By utilizing analytics to identify cheating behavior, Activision can take targeted action against players who violate the terms of service. The bans send a clear message that cheating will not be tolerated.

Streamers have received a lot of bans/attention in the last few days. One of which is Bams, a Call Of Duty Streamer on Twitch. Bams has spent the last 48 hours denying any wrong doing!!

bams cod streamer

Bams (Call of Duty Streamer) recently Perma Banned For Cheating

Activision Representative Confirms Bans Caught Cheating Are Legitimate

Activision's community manager has verified that the wave of permanent bans issued recently were correctly targeting players found cheating. In an official statement, the representative confirmed "“If you see a permanent ban, those are given with the most serious considerations and after significant research. It doesn’t matter what excuses people give, there are no false permanent bans”

The community manager further clarified that Activision's security teams utilize proprietary detection methods to identify cheating software and hardware. Accounts found using these unauthorized third-party tools will face permanent bans to uphold the integrity of the gameplay experience for all players.

While some players insist they were incorrectly banned, the representative stated that Activision's anti-cheat systems are "extremely precise" in detecting manipulation of game data and aim to minimize false positives. The company cannot disclose details on their cheat detection methods to avoid giving malicious actors information to circumvent them.


In closing, while Activision has confirmed the legitimacy of the recent ban wave, it is understandable for some players to be concerned if they were affected. However, cheating harms the integrity and enjoyment of the game for all players. Activision has sophisticated tools to detect cheating, so there is little room for error. The bans were not taken lightly. Going forward, it is best for all players to compete fairly and avoid cheating. Activision will continue efforts to promote fair play. We must each decide if momentary advantages from cheating are worth permanent bans. Consider your fellow players, compete honorably, and enjoy the game.

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