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The Scent of Progress: 'First Week' Update Unveiled

Do you ever wonder how a game smells? Not the manual, but the game world itself. Deep Field Games' Abiotic Factor has got me pondering this with its latest update, introducing alien cheese and corpse bags to the survival sim inspired by Half-Life.

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Crafting Communication: Walkie-Talkies and More

Abiotic Factor Update titled the 'First Week' update, it brings craftable walkie-talkies, offering a scentless means of communication in the game's realistic proximity chat system. Holding a walkie-talkie allows players to chat regardless of distance, enhancing interaction among players within the GATE Cascade Research Facility.

Pets and Culinary Oddities: Alien Cheese and More

The update also allows tamed pets to follow players, adding a touch of companionship. However, it's the introduction of alien cheese that truly stands out. Crafted from a curd initially resembling a soup, players can create an array of unsettling delicacies like "Antecheese Toastie" and "Carbuncle Casserole".

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Aromatic Adjustments: Corpse Bags and Beyond

In preparation for player ragdolls, free-range scientist corpses have been replaced with "corpse bags", ensuring a less nauseating gameplay experience. Other additions include potato planting, craftable item stands, and improved first-person visor representation for hazmat-suit-clad scientists.

With the game selling over 250,000 copies since launch, Deep Field Games is committed to further updates. Exciting developments await players as the team promises more surprises in store for the year ahead.

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