2024 Vibes: Epic Giveway


Epic Games Store Gives Away the Outer Worlds and Thief for Free

The Best Deal in PC Gaming

If you’re a PC gamer, the Epic Games Store just became your new best friend. They’re giving away not one but two amazing games this week - The Outer Worlds and Thief. This is an offer too good to pass up!

Explore the Halcyon colony

In The Outer Worlds, you’ll get to explore the Halcyon colony, a corporate-owned space settlement. With dark humor and player choice, it’s like Fallout in space. You can be a hero or villain, help the corporations or fight against them. With multiple endings, you’ll want to play through again and again to see how your choices shape the colony.

Stealth Action in a Gritty Fantasy World

If classic stealth action games are more your thing, Thief will scratch that itch. In a dark fantasy city inspired by Victorian-era London, you take on the role of Garrett, a master thief. Sneak through the shadows, pickpocket guards, and loot valuables right under their noses. With a spooky atmosphere and challenging stealth gameplay, Thief defined the genre and still holds up today.


Why Epic Is Giving Away These Titles

Promoting the Epic Games Store

Epic’s ultimate goal is to get more people using the Epic Games Store. They're working hard to build a library of exclusive games and offering free titles is key to driving new users to the platform. Once gamers download the Epic Games Store to claim their free game, Epic hopes they'll discover other great deals and stick around.

Driving Future Sales

While The Outer Worlds and Thief may be free this week, Epic is betting that players will come back to buy DLC or sequels in the future. By giving away parts of a franchise for free, they can hook players into the series and profit from sales of additional content. The strategy seems to be working as Epic just announced that the Epic Games Store has reached 61 million monthly active users.

Free games are a win all around. Players get to enjoy amazing titles at no cost, discover the Epic Games Store, and maybe find their new favorite franchise. Meanwhile, Epic builds goodwill, brings in new users, and drives future sales. It’s no wonder that Epic plans to give away many more games in the coming months!

The Outer Worlds: Spacer's Choice Editiongame-logo

More Great Games Coming in 2024

Get ready for an epic year of gaming in 2024! This year is shaping up to be one of the best for PC gamers, with some highly anticipated sequels and brand new IPs on the horizon.

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