How To Fix Standoff Bug In Ghost Of Tsushima

How To Fix Standoff Bug In Ghost Of Tsushima image 1

Troubleshooting the Standoff Bug Like many PC ports, Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut on PC is no stranger to bugs. One common issue affects the Standoff mechanic, crucial for the game’s dramatic tension. This glitch prevents players from initiating a Standoff, either failing to trigger or working intermittently. In this guide we shall explain How…


Ghost of Tsushima On PC: Official Requirements Revealed!

Ghost of Tsushima on PC is arriving & the Official Requirements have been Revealed! This gorgeous samurai adventure is leaping from PlayStation exclusivity onto computers everywhere, bringing with it the complete Ghost of Tsushima on PC experience including optimized graphics, cross-play support, a new PlayStation overlay. You’ll soon get to explore the vast open world…