How to Play Abiotic Factor: A Comprehensive Guide

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Have you bought Abiotic Factor and have no idea what your are doing? That is where my guide on How To Play Abiotic Factor will help you. Learn everything you need to about surviving in this fun, weird enviroment. What is Abiotic Factor? Abiotic Factor is a captivating Half-Life-inspired survival simulation game developed by Deep…


Abiotic Factor Update

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The Scent of Progress: ‚First Week‘ Update Unveiled Do you ever wonder how a game smells? Not the manual, but the game world itself. Deep Field Games‘ Abiotic Factor has got me pondering this with its latest update, introducing alien cheese and corpse bags to the survival sim inspired by Half-Life. Crafting Communication: Walkie-Talkies and…


How To Make Soup In Abiotic Factor

How to make soup in Abiotic Factor

In the unforgiving world of Abiotic Factor, a hearty bowl of soup can mean the difference between survival and demise. Crafting the perfect soup not only satisfies hunger but also provides invaluable buffs to aid your journey through the research facility’s perilous depths. Here’s how to concoct the finest soups and avoid culinary disasters. Crafting…


Hints & Tips for Abiotic Factor

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Embark on a thrilling survival adventure in Abiotic Factor, where players find themselves trapped in the depths of the Gate Cascade Research Facility during a mysterious catastrophe. To guide through this perilous environment successfully, follow these essential hints and tips for Abiotic Factor survival. New Player Tips Embrace Teamwork Collaboration is key to survival in…


What is The Video Game Abiotic Factor

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What is The Video Game Abiotic Factor? Abiotic Factor is an upcoming survival horror game developed by Deep Dive Studios. Set in a dystopian future, the game immerses players in a world teetering on the brink of collapse. It promises intense gameplay, challenging environments, and a gripping storyline. The Storyline and Setting Abiotic Factor unfolds…