New FIFA Video Game Rumour

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The gaming community is buzzing with a new FIFA video game rumour suggesting a significant shift in the iconic franchise. According to a reputable insider, the next FIFA game will not be developed by EA.

Instead, a new partnership announcement is expected soon, possibly at the upcoming Summer Game Fest 2024. This exciting development comes after FIFA and EA Sports ended their long-standing collaboration in 2023, leaving fans eager to see what the future holds for their beloved game.

Exciting Developments in the FIFA Franchise

Rumors of a New Developer

A new FIFA game rumor suggests an exciting twist for fans. According to a reputable insider, the next FIFA game won't be developed by EA. An imminent announcement for a new FIFA partnership might happen at Summer Game Fest 2024.

End of an Era

FIFA and EA Sports ended their three-decade-long partnership in 2023. This split marked the end of an era for the iconic sports franchise. EA Sports shifted to its new EA Sports FC franchise, leaving FIFA to find a new development partner.

FIFA's Assurance

Despite the split, FIFA assured gamers that a new FIFA title would come. Negotiations with various developers around the world were underway. The absence of a FIFA game in 2023 disappointed many fans, but rumors of a new development partner have kept the excitement alive.

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Potential Collaboration with 2K

Insider Claims

In February 2024, speculation suggested that the next FIFA game could be developed in collaboration with 2K. Known for their NBA 2K and PGA Tour 2K franchises, 2K has extensive experience in sports gaming. Insider Gaming senior editor Mike Straw recently shared an update, claiming that the rumors are gaining more credibility.

Sources Close to Development

Straw's sources close to the new FIFA game's development remain silent on the record. However, they hint that an announcement of a new partnership is coming soon. If true, 2K might be the developer, as video game researcher and leaker Kurakasis also teased months ago.

FIFA's Confirmation

FIFA confirmed that their next game is still happening without EA in mid-2023. If Straw's claim holds, 2K likely secured a licensing agreement with FIFA at least a year ago. Development is likely well underway, with an announcement potentially coming at Summer Game Fest 2024.

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What to Expect at Summer Game Fest 2024

Major Reveals and Updates

Summer Game Fest 2024 promises several major game reveals and updates for titles launching in the latter half of 2024 and beyond. If the new FIFA game rumor is true, the announcement could be one of the event's highlights.

Awaiting Official Confirmation

Despite the excitement, it's important to note that nothing has been officially confirmed by FIFA. Fans eagerly await more details and hope that the new FIFA game rumor becomes a reality.


The new FIFA video game rumour has generated significant buzz among fans. With EA no longer in the picture, a potential partnership with 2K could bring a fresh perspective to the beloved franchise. As we approach Summer Game Fest 2024, anticipation builds for the possible announcement of the new FIFA game. Stay tuned for updates and official confirmations in the coming months.

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