How to find lockpicks in Dark and Darker

How to find lockpicks in Dark and Darker image 1Dark and Darker features numerous locked chests and doors requiring lockpicks. This guide will cover how to find lockpicks in Dark and Darker and the best strategies to acquire them.

Dark and Darker Lockpicks Guide

Where to Get Lockpicks in Dark and Darker

Lockpicks can be obtained in two main ways: from chests and monster drops. Both methods depend heavily on RNG (random number generation), making lockpicks rare and valuable.

Lockpicks Location in Dark and Darker

It would be best to focus on higher-difficulty modes to increase your chances of finding lockpicks. Participating in high-roller runs and defeating boss creatures like the Skeleton Champion can significantly improve the lockpicks drop rate.

Lockpicks Farming in Dark and Darker

Killing players can also yield lockpicks. After a kill, search the player's body for lockpicks. Some classes, such as the Rogue, have skills that allow them to unlock chests without needing a lockpick.

Best Way to Get Lockpicks in Dark and Darker

Unlocking Doors with Lockpicks in Dark and Darker

When you finally acquire a lockpick, use it wisely. Unlocking doors with lockpicks in Dark and Darker requires precision. Locate a chest that needs a lockpick, and be prepared for a mini-game.

Crafting Lockpicks in Dark and Darker

Currently, there is no method for crafting lockpicks in Dark and Darker. This makes finding them even more crucial. Treat any lockpick you find like gold.

Dark and Darker Lockpicks Tips

Using Lockpicks

Once you find a chest and use a lockpick, a mini-game will appear. Press the space bar within the designated area to unlock the chest. If you fail, the lockpick breaks, and you lose it.

Managing Lockpicks

Given the low lockpicks drop rate in Dark and Darker, don't waste them. Save your lockpicks for chests that are likely to yield valuable items.


How to find lockpicks in Dark and Darker involves a combination of farming monsters, looting chests, and high-risk runs. By following this Dark and Darker lockpicks guide, you'll maximize your chances of acquiring these crucial items and unlock the treasures hidden behind locked doors.

Happy hunting, and may your lockpicks never break!

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